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Jun 03, 2023

Living on a boat and about boat liveaboard

MarinaLifeLow Res

About living on a boat and

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Jun 03, 2023

liveaboard boat forum and answers to hard questions

liveaboard boat forum and answers to everyday cruising liveaboard boat issues

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Jun 03, 2023

Evinrude 225 Ho 209

While Running 3/4 throttle I heard the warning buzzer go off I looked down to see the water temp and water pressure was fine then it shut down. No star

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Jun 03, 2023

liveaboard boats for sale and finding a liveaboard boat

Marine Electrical Electroncis Bible 4th Edition

liveaboard boats for sale and choosing the right liveaboard cruising yacht

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Jun 03, 2023

1981 Honda B100S1300403

I ran the motor about 5 days ago in a 30 gallon barrel. Motor started up with no problems. Took the motor out with my 12' aluminum boat for a couple hours

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Jun 03, 2023

Favorite famous sailing quotes

Favorite famous sailing quotes for cruising and liveaboards

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Jun 02, 2023

Living on a yacht is a great life

Windgenerators on Stern

Living on a yacht and all about being a liveaboard

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Jun 02, 2023

2019 Volvo Penta 4.3 V-6-200-M

Alarm system beeps once every minute/two, my wife and I both think it is longer than a minute. The engine is governed to 3500 max RPMs once this condition

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Jun 02, 2023

Suzukis 2020 250 electronic

Idles fine clean filter new fuel vsts clean but when accelerating over 1500 both engines are missing and sputtering runs fine for a few seconds then misses

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Jun 02, 2023

2012 DF 150

2012 DF 150. Getting a check engine code of 3 flashes then 1 flash. Has new battery, new plugs, impeller, new fuel filter and separator. Have searched

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Jun 02, 2023

Mariner 60efi, 7E60413V7, IC116824

Mariner 60ef temp sensor

My temperature sensor has broken right on the nut leaving the sensor with nothing to grip to un screw it, worried about the sensor dropping in the chamber,

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Jun 02, 2023

Evinrude E-tec 115hp 2006

This has happened twice. Motor starts and runs fine for up to a couple of hours at various speeds. The first event was headed back and running pretty

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Jun 02, 2023

Yamaha 200 hpdi 2001

Alarm going off, has new water pump, ( peeing fine), has oil. Turned off, turn on, alarm still sounding. Turned off, raised engine, lowered , turned on,

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Jun 02, 2023

40 hp mercury 4 stroke 2004

when i launch it starts fine and runs good for a while when i shut it off to troll and restart it starts then runs rough put new fuel filter in different

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May 31, 2023

Yamaha F150 4 Stroke 2006

Yamaha F150

Hi All, My Yamaha F150 outboard won't start following winter storage. The starting motor kicks in when the key is turned however there seems to be no

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May 31, 2023

Johnson 115 Fast Strike

Starts and idles fine but when rpm is above 2000 engine starts to miss and rpm’s become erratic. This is what I have done to this point. Rebuilt Carbs

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May 31, 2023

mercury 25hp el 2015

Ran fine all morning. Was running down the lake about 3/4 throttle and I hear a pop, engine dies and the t-handle from the pull start which I've never

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May 30, 2023

Volvo penta D13B GMPIPS3

Got a problem on the prot engine volvo penta D13 / year 2014 / 920 hrs error code after 1hr of sea trial . On a 70 foot yacht MID 128 SID 5 FMI 5

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May 30, 2023

2017 Suzuki DF25A

Unreliable motor - when running at WOT or 3/4 the motor suddenly stumbles like it is running out of gas and then dies. It can be restarted but dies as

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May 30, 2023

2001 Yamaha F25LTRA

Some days, runs perfect Other days, runs great, shut down for 3 hours, then won't restart - appears to be flooded but sounds like no spark or fire.

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May 29, 2023

2017 BF90D BBCJ-1301992


My motor runs great no skipping or misfire at any rpm, what is send to be doing is after running at low rpm 2500 and less it will run for a short time

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May 29, 2023

2019 df 150

Engine would not get about 3000 rpm , I turn motor off and now trim does it work and the Motor will not turn over , there is a pump are something that

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May 29, 2023

1995 Evinrude 60hp

Starts & runs great, when cold. After motor is warm and shut down will not start, completely dead. Changed solenoid - same problem, no change. Can anyone

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May 29, 2023

Evinrude, Model E30ELEDE, 1996

1996 Evinrude 30 hp running rough at slow speed. I have changed plugs, coils. Still runs rough at idle and the longer it runs at idle the rougher it runs

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May 29, 2023

1979 mercury outboard 115 motor

1979 mercury outboard 115 motor

I have a part that I am unsure of what it is. It is located behind the husband says it a voltage regulator.

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May 26, 2023

1989 Mercury "classic fifty" 45hp

Engine Idles well, and makes good power, but runs rough (sounds like a misfire) at around half throttle, and also above 95% throttle. The misfire is related

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May 26, 2023

island of bequia in the Caribbean, a hidden gem for yachts to visit

Visit the island of Bequia and sail off the beaten track and relax somewhere peaceful

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May 26, 2023

Evinrude E150GLEOM 1995

Was running full throttle. Engine suddenly lost power and slowed down while starting a knocking noise. Once the boat came to a stop, the motor died. I

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May 26, 2023

mercury 135 hp 1971

Hello.Flywheel turns aprox one rotation then stops. Goes back same and stops again. When I put in gear prop just clicks clockwise, counter clockwise it

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May 25, 2023

What LED boat light do you need, how to choose teh right light

MEEM Med Cover

LED boat light for all sailing and cruising yachts and fishing boats

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May 25, 2023

boat LED light are best choice for your boat

MEEM Med Cover

Choose a boat LED light for your boat to save energy and improve efficiency

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May 24, 2023

Suzuki DF60, 2019

Won’t rev to more than 2800 rpm while out on the lake. When on trailer and hooked up to muffs, revs up just fine. Motor has 63 hours. 2019 Premier

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May 24, 2023

A boat battery charger for any battery type

MEEM Med Cover

Select a boat battery charger for your boat. All you need to know about charging is here

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May 24, 2023

yacht anchor windlass types for your sail boat

MEEM Med Cover

yacht anchor windlass for your sailboat

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May 24, 2023

boat anchor windlass installation to your sail boat?

MEEM Med Cover

The boat anchor windlass is essential to every boat

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May 24, 2023

Volvo Penta Engine Forum for engine problem solving and answers

MEEM Med Cover

Volvo Penta Engine Forum for engine problem solving and answers by engine owners

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May 24, 2023

The marine AGM battery for your boat to keep the power on

MEEM Med Cover

The marine AGM battery for your boat, the choices all depend on the applications

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May 23, 2023

GPS navigation system and how Space Weather affects gps accuracy

MEEM Med Cover

GPS navigation system and Space Weather Part 3 and how it affects your marine communications and navigation systems.

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May 23, 2023

About Marine GPS systems installation and operation

MEEM Med Cover

About Marine GPS systems and how to install and operate a boat GPS safely

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May 23, 2023

Model # 140943R 1979 140hp

Bought the 140 hp with great compression, really clean from a guy that built/sold used e rudes from his home for $400 without a lower unit. I had a running

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May 23, 2023

Evenrude E15RL4SID 2000

Evinrude Fuel Pump 15 Hp E15RL4SID

I have looked extensively for a replacement mechanical fuel pump for my 2000 15hp evinrude #E15RL4SID with no luck. I've been told that its no longer available

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May 23, 2023

Evinrude, E115ELEDR, 1995

Just got the carbs were just rebuilt because they were leaking now my boat hardly planes out and makes no power. Used to be able to go 45 mph everytime

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May 23, 2023

Evinrude Ficht ram 90 2000

When starting, the starter motor spins but the engine doesn’t. The gear in the starter motor is in good condition as is the gear in which it engages.

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May 23, 2023

Suzuki DT6 - 1995

Suzuki DT6

I only seem to get half the rpms out of the engine my max speed with a light 12' fiberglass boat is 8km/hr 2.5hps with much more weight are keeping up

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May 23, 2023

Sailboat marine diesel engine upgrading and improvement

MEEM Med Cover

Sailboat marine diesel engine system upgrading and improvement in reliability

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May 23, 2023

Honda BF40D 2018

After sitting at idle for about 5 minutes the overheat alarm sounded and light went on. I had just turned new radio on 2 minutes before the alarm sounded.

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May 23, 2023

Honda, 50D, 2010

After trolling at 1000 rpms, upon acceleration the engine labors up to 3500 rpms and will not climb higher. If run long enough it will start creeping

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May 23, 2023

Honda BF9.9D3XHSA (2003)

Honda BF9.9D

I have the subject motor. The driveshaft seals below the water impeller are leaking badly and need to be replaced. When I try to remove the large housing

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May 23, 2023

1999 Honda BF8A

1999 Honda BF8A

Started having running issues last summer and fall. This spring I removed and cleaned the carb and replaced the plugs and fuel filter. It started great

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May 23, 2023

BF225 2007

I checked the oil today and after reading the dipstick i pushed it back in and the stopper on the dipstick slid all the way up to the ring. can anyone

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