Introduction to outboard boat motors

Modern outboard boat motors have become very complex, and this is a major reason you see so many hanging on to the less sophisticated and older models.  But technological change has been driven by new and stringent emissions regulations and standards have lead to many hi-tech systems that include Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VITEC); programmed electronic fuel injection; digital CDI and inductive ignition systems; automatic electric choke systems; electronic multi-point variable-ratio oil injection lubrication systems; Engine Command Systems with up to 18 sensor inputs and alternators up to 60 amps output. 

About outboard boat motors

Systems also include electrical power trim systems, and comprehensive alarm and monitoring systems that include oil pressure, overheating, low oil level, over-revving and water in fuel and more. To properly service most modern outboards several specialist tools and technical manuals are required. There are many publishers so go online and purchase a copy and then read it thoroughly. Many people who are posting with problems and issues don't have technical manuals and don't understand the complexities of most modern outboard boat motors.      

Outboard Electrical and Control Systems

These comprise the starting systems, the charging systems and the engine control systems. You only have to look at some the problems being posted. Loss of power, bogging down, cannot get up to normal speed, surging power, and so on.

Outboard starters and outboard charging are common issues. Look at the many posts, will not start, will not turn over and so on.

Then there is the outboard electronics and outboard controls  issues,  But there are many issues and faults that people experience.  Go to outboard motor troubleshooting for some basic information. Also check out outboard starting problems for more useful hints and advice.  Many faults are the result of poor maintenance, poor winterization so check out outboard motor winterizing, and incorrect operation.  Many don't fully understand outboard engine fuels and outboard engine motor oils.  Even the basic outboard motor fuel tank and the outboard motor muffs can create issues.  Battery problems, old and stale fuel, loose or degraded electrical connections, engine interference are all common issues.  

Outboard Boat Motor Forums

I have opened forums for most of the outboard motor makes.  I get so many responses its impossible to answer many and hopefully answers will be provided by people with similar engines.  For boat owners look at the Outboard Boats Forum. For Evinrude use the Evinrude Outboard Forum.  If you own a Honda outboard engine the check out the Honda Outboard Forum.  Force owners can find useful information at the Force Outboard Forum.  Johnson outboard engine owners can locate and look for useful information at the Johnson Outboard Forum.  If you are a Mariner outboard engine owner looking for information then look at the Mariner Outboard Forum.  For the myriad of Mercury outboard boat motor owners, you can ask and find answers to problems at the Mercury Outboard Forum.  Suzuki outboard engine owners can ask and receive some useful information at the Suzuki Outboard Forum.  For the many Yamaha outboard engine owner’s you can also get some answers to problems and issues at the Yamaha Outboard Forum.  Finally for those with Volvo Penta engines you can check out the Volvo Penta Forum More great information about outboard fishing and boating.