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So you want to contact me? I always welcome contacts BUT if you want answers to technical questions, troubleshooting and advice then please don't use the form, as I will be incredibly rude and not answer. If you do have problems then please use the forums and post the problem in great detail along with images. If you have advice, perhaps you want to see a subject covered in the website or you have something more personal then please contact me. If you are simply wanting to whinge, whine and complain then it will fall on deaf ears. I get many questions about when will I do another book. Trouble is publishers do not want to invest in another, so answer is no new books in the pipeline.

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I am always happy to exchange reciprocal links. If you wish to link to my site, I will be more than happy to link to yours. BUT your site must be a fishing, sailing, yachting, boating or related site.  I will not share links with sites that are directories or link farms. Linking between quality websites is a great plus for Google and search. If we are to share links then I will place your link on either a Tier 2 page or Tier 3 page where it will maximise the benefits for us both and I will expect the same from you. That being said please complete the Link Request Form below and I look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship. Fishing and Boats.