About Fishing Boats and Cruising Yachts

Fishing boats and cruising yachts are the two most popular leisure pastimes on the planet. Going fishing and going sailing are the ultimate relaxation!  So where do you start with fishing and boating? Whether your interest is small open fishing boats, motorboats, pontoon boats, bass boats or game fishing boats, or if your passion is yachts and sail boats, there is a lot to know and understand. As a professional marine electrician and engineer I get regularly asked a lot about what is wrong with fishing boats, sailing yacht systems and marine equipment and more. The most common question is how to fix or repair something, or questions about fishing and boats. Having published many books on the subject, it is still a challenge communicating the latest technology and boating developments.  Let me help you with fishing and boats problems!

About Fishing Boats Safety

Fishing Boats and Cruising Yachts safety is fundamental to getting afloat and going fishing and boating. The yearly safety on boats statistics reveal a sorry tale of needless death and injuries.  Read the section on boating accidents and review how you operate your boat. Whether yacht accidents or boat sinkings, avoid making the common mistakes that can harm your family and friends. A fun fishing and boats day out should not end in tragedy. Common boat accidents that include man overboard, boat capsize, and drowning because no one was wearing a boating PFD are just some of the issues covered. Then don’t forget that great driver of our day out, boating weather, so stay vigilant and be ready for changes in conditions. Stay safe and have fun out there. I am also a boat owner, I have built, lived aboard and cruised several sailing yachts, and I have owned motorboats and spent great days and vacations fishing. Chances are your problems have been my own when it comes to fishing boats and cruising yachts.

About Fishing Boats and Cruising Yachts

Fishing boats and cruising yachts go hand in hand. Almost mutually inclusive apart from those that go fishing off beaches and so on or like me trail a line astern when sailing.  Fly fishing whether saltwater or freshwater is one of the great fishing pursuits. How to catch a specific fish is one issue, so many fish, so many methods to find and catch them.  From the dedicated Bass fisherman to those chasing Walleye or Trout or your other chosen species.  Fish finders now have the capability of defense level sonar systems, combined with chart functions and GPS they are an awesome tool, that must make fish very nervous. Outboard motors have become very sophisticated and as my fishing and boats outboard motor forums show, an area of great frustration.  Trolling motors are now installed on many fishing boats, and they have their own challenges from installation to battery power and control. Trailer boats have their own issues with boat trailers, and making sure your valuable boat is safe on the road is an important factor.  Essential to the cabin cruisers and larger motorboats are boat water systems including marine toilets, bilge pumps, freshwater systems, bait tanks, pumps and more. Much is covered in The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible and extracted for this website. For those who are fishing on small boats The Fisherman’s Electrical Manual was written just for you and much is also extracted for you to read here. Fishing and boats are the perfect partners. Everyone loves attending boat shows so don’t forget to visit the one nearest your location and check out all the latest fishing and boats gear.

The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible 
4th Edition - Coming Soon

After a long hiatus the 4th Edition of the Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible is coming.  Due out in December and it is completely revised and updated.

The contents are expanded and incorporate all the latest technologies as well as the old one.

In addition, all the latest information on battery technologies including Lithium-ion batteries, VHF radios, GPS, mobile phone apps and much more.

Marine Electrical Electronics Bible

Cruising Yachts Voyage Everywhere

Yachting and cruising are one of the great escapes in life. The ultimate exercise in social distance and self quarantine. From sail handling to anchor handling, all present challenges and having lived aboard and cruised on a few yachts I am addicted to this lifestyle. From this came my initial book The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible, which covered the many systems to be looked after. Looking after boat diesels and how to maintain water systems, and refrigeration are all part of comfortable and safe cruising. Masts, standing and running rigging and deck winches all require maintenance and understanding. Then the subject of piracy is one to discuss and was behind my book Piracy Today, and is sobering reading. Lastly we must not forget those who opt to charter a yacht rather than owning one, and there are so many great destinations to choose from. Then we must not forget boat water systems that include toilets, bilge pumps, freshwater systems, holding tanks, boat showers and more.  Everything you need to know about boat maintenance.  Choose any of the cruising yacht topics from the navigation bar.

About Fishing Boats and Cruising Yachts Food

Fishing boats and cruising yachts and seafood go together. Cooking on a boat has it’s challenges, and cooking on a yacht is even more so when at sea under sail. I coined the phrase Cruisine© more than 20 years ago. For those who fish and bring the catch home there are so many great ways to cook. Whether you catch fish, crabs or something else there are some great ideas that were included in my book The Great Cruising Cookbook.  I personally love cooking and enjoying food and I hope to pass on some great food ideas, along with cooking information and provisioning advice. 

Boat Electrics Power Everything

Electric power has become the essential component to almost everything afloat. Whether its outboard powered fishing boats, cabin cruisers or cruising yachts, the primary topic on fishing and boats is boat batteries and boat charging systems. The subject of boat wiring is also an important factor. From generators, to boat shore power and inverters for boats, and boat lighting to boat lightning, all have to be understood and installed properly. There are so many people out there who will try and baffle and confuse you or cloud the subject in word salad and jargon. I firmly believe in the keep-it-simple stupid (KISS) approach to fishing and boats electrical systems. Choose any of the marine electrical topics from the navigation bar. One of the series of books that I published is titled Understanding Boat Wiring (2nd Edition coming soon), along with many other system specific titles that are important to fishing and boats.

Essential Fishing and Boats Electronics

Boat electronics has evolved and technology has changed are boating. From highly efficient boat radars to sophisticated boat GPS and chart plotters, marine electronics has made the sea accessible to everyone. We can’t live without a boat autopilot and boat wind instruments, speed logs, depth sounders along with boat instrumentation.  Communications has evolved with GMDSS and boat VHF DSC radios are important to safe boating. What is critical is how to install and troubleshoot to get the best performance. Fishing and boats EPIRB’s to boat AIS and man overboard alarms, all help keep you safe. Then where ever you are in the world it is useful to know where to marine electronics service. There are many out there who want to baffle you with jargon. I adhere to that time proven adage of keep-it-simple stupid (KISS) approach to fishing and boats electronics. Choose any of the electronics topics from the navigation bar and expand your fishing and boats knowledge.