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Boat Trailer Parts Made Simple. My fishing life started in small boats. I have been addicted to fishing and boats most of my life. 

Naturally small boats and fishing go together and it was after endlesss technical questions that my many books were born.

I decided to write these books in a clear and simple format. Technology has also rapidly passed through the world of the small boat trailers and trailerboat fisherman and finding answers is not always easy. I get a steady stream of emails from trailerboat fishermen with problems on batteries, trolling motors and lots more.

Trailer boats and boat trailer parts may have become more sophisticated however you can still enjoy your fishing without the pain. The average boat trailer ends up having boat trailer parts problems, boat trailer tires issues and of course looking for boat trailers for sale and how to sell is usually a challenge.

Reliable trailer boating systems turn the good fishing trips into great ones. make sure you have the right boat trailer parts ready!

 About Boat Trailers and Boat Trailer Parts

Boat trailers are simple, right? so check out TRAILER SELECTION which is all you need to know about boat trailer parts.

Also dont forget the boat trailers electrics TRAILER WIRING and all you need to know about boats and wiring boat trailers.

Also there is TRAILER ELECTRICS which is all you need to know about boat trailers wiring.

Looking for boat trailer parts then TRAILER PARTS is a place to start.

Looking to buy and sell your boat trailer then USED TRAILERS is all you need to know about used boat trailers. maybe you will need some boat trailer parts.

Do you understand all about your BOAT TRAILER TIRES and here is all you need to know about boat trailers and boat trailer parts.

About U.S. Boat Trailer Wiring

Boat trailer lighting is critical and even known to ruin the best of fishing trips when the police pull you over and issue a ticket. Most light fittings are vehicle types with incandescent lamps. They are easily flooded and waterlogged, with resulting burnout and failure.

The new LED types have lower heat outputs and can be potted or sealed to reduce water ingress when launching. There are a number of boat trailers wiring and plug/socket configurations.

The following are standard although you should check your own vehicle to be sure. In the 6 pin terminal plug/socket the center terminal is marked A, and is an auxiliary terminal and is generally used for backup (reverse) lights. It is also used to supply +12 volts to charge the breakaway switch battery, which is common with electric braking on the trailer. In the 7 pin terminal plug/socket 7 is the center terminal. (Wiring Tables are in the book).

About My Fishing Book Reviews

He speaks our language.....If there was ever a book to make the marine electrical system understandable, this is the book. If there was ever a book that will give every boat owner more confidence about how things work, this is it. If there was ever a book you'll want to carry with you on board, this is the one to have. Pat Piper Editor - BoatUS Trailering Magazine

..helps small boat anglers better understand the installation, troubleshooting and repairs of electrical systems such as trolling motors, downriggers, trim tabs, batteries, fishfinders and charts Soundings Magazine

…”anyone considering purchasing devices and installing them on any size craft will find this to be an indispensable reference.” “I highly recommend this book, and I would stick it in the same box as my new chart plotting GPS” On The Water Magazine

Book Introduction

John Payne may speak with an accent but whatever he says, the words are easy to understand. It's because he speaks the language every boat owner needs; clear and accurate information presented in simple sentences. He is never ahead of the reader and there aren't many people who are experts in marine electronics with that ability. Well, John Payne is such a fellow.

As the Editor of the BoatU.S. Trailering Magazine, I am well aware of the need for someone with practical hands-on experience who can speak to, rather than at boaters. Too many times, in too many books, a relatively simple solution to a boat's electrical trouble is lost forever in a sea of shoptalk and jargon that requires someone with an engineering degree to understand (I'm also convinced these are the same guys who write the "simple" directions to VCR and DVD operation).

The Fisherman's Electrical Manual is written for the person who wants to spend more time on the water than trying to learn the meaning of a sentence he or she has just read. This is because John Payne spends a lot of his time giving standing room only seminars or having one-on-one conversations with boaters about problems they are having or about ways to make an electrical system more safe and efficient. He speaks our language. If there ever was a book to make the marine electrical system understandable, this is the book. If there ever was a book that will give every boat owner more confidence about how things work, this is it. If there ever was a book you'll want to carry with you on board, this is the one to have. Trailer boat owners and fishermen are going to be well-served by John Payne's common sense approach to "Anything Electric". This is a guy who knows his stuff and, best of all, can explain it in an easy to understand manner. Every reader of the Fisherman's Electrical Manual is going to become a more complete boater as a result. And that's good for all of us. Pat Piper. Editor - BoatU.S. Trailering Magazine

This is a sample of what is covered trailerboat Fisherman's Electrical Manual, a fishing book for every type and level of trailerboat fishing you do. If you want a copy then go to Amazon. Boat Trailer Parts Made Simple. More on boat trailers and trailer issues.