About John Payne

About John Payne. I am the author of the Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible. Also I am the author of the Motorboat Electrical and Electronics Manual, The Fishermans Electrical Manual and the 10 books making up the Understanding Boat series

It is not all marine electrics and marine electronics though. Also the books Piracy Today and the Great Cruising Cookbook have come from my keyboard. I boat sails on its stomach and I love food.

About John Payne Books

Author of "The Marine Electrical & Electronics Bible" published by Sheridan House, New York, & Adlard Coles, London, with reviews that include “..as a reference book on the subject it is outstanding” Classic Boat Journal; “all in all, this book makes an essential reference manual.” Yachting Monthly; “…this book ranks with the very best technical works ever produced for yachtsmen.” The Island, and “..the most easy-to-follow reference to date.” Cruising World.

Author of "The Motorboat Electrical & Electronics Manual" Sheridan House, New York, & Adlard Coles, London October 2002. Author of 10 paperback marine electrical and electronics books as part of the “Understanding Boat…..series.

Author of the “Fisherman’s Electrical Manual”,

Author of "Pirates Today" published by Sheridan House, New York in March 2010 and reviewed in the Wall Street Journal and many other maritime publications including Book of the Month in one magazine.

Regular articles on marine electrical and electronics published in leading US and UK yachting magazines. Regularly lecture at training seminars on marine electrical and electronics subjects.

More About John Payne

Yes! To know more about John Payne is to know I have an obsession with boats, ships, sailboats, canal boats, fishing and most things nautical and of the sea. Salt water runs in my veins. I was an avid fisherman at an early age, loved boat fishing, beach and rock fishing, not always successful.  I started daydreaming about the sea early in my life, started small boat dingy sailing as crew and then into my own passion for high performance fast dingy classes. That taught me a lot about sailing, you soon learn after endless capsizes and the thrill of winning that first race.

It wasn’t long before I completed my electrical apprenticeship and ran away to sea, starting as a junior engineer and electrician on old tramp cargo ships and with further marine electrical and other studies rising to Chief Electrical Officer on some of the most advanced merchant ships afloat. By chance I drifted into the offshore oil industry and have been involved in some of the most high tech deepwater drilling rigs for several years.

More About John Payne

After a protracted downturn in the oil industry I decided to renovate an old Herreshoff ketch and started living aboard and cruising. Not long after that and a few more spells at sea and offshore and a classic old timber yacht to restore in Europe and then sail around.

Having sailed mostly single handed and liveaboard for a few years along with my daytime career, which had morphed into managing the commissioning of some of the most advanced deepwater drilling rigs in Asia, decided a change of pace was necessary.

Purchased from some friends a 110 year old Dutch barge, based her in Belgium and explored the canals and rivers of Europe for several years. Guess what? Different boats but same old problems. I sure miss that time afloat.

Currently between boats but looking at another to spend time on, something in the 35-40 range. This website has been running for near 15 years, still interested in boats, fishing and sailing. More about me, that is enough about John Payne.