All about the boat trailer

Buying a boat trailer

All about boat trailer wiring is here. If you have a very expensive trailer boat then you need to get a quality trailer to go with it. The trailer is not just a simple frame with wheels attached to strap the boat onto.

The trailer must be able to withstand the rigours of towing across very diverse road conditions, and also the launching and recovery of your boat, not all ramps are easy.

Smaller basic boats generally require relatively simple trailers if they tend to do local trips. The larger the boat gets the more sophisticated the trailer becomes.

About the boat trailer

What to consider?

The trailer must consider the following important factors and most people do not do so.

Your boat is valuable and you need to make sure its protected when towing:

- the weight of the boat, this is important factor and this also impacts on your towing vehicle and towing capability

- the length of the boat, and this impacts on weight, braking system and so on,

- the beam or width of the boat,

- the center of gravity,

- the hull form or shape, and how that can be safely supported with chafing or rubbing when on the road, the security of the boat on the trailer is a major under estimated factor

- engines or outboards motors on the boat when towing, there is a lot of weight on the end, and this changes the towing characteristics

- the type of winch to be used, and whether its manual or electric, and is it powerful enough to pull up the boat when  the trailer is on boat ramp angles

- the tire sizes

- the braking system, often under rated

- the hitching arrangement

- single or double axle trailers

- suspension systems, and when highway driving or on some less maintained roads you will soon know its not strong enough

About the boat trailer

What to consider about construction?

There are aluminum trailers and there are galvanized steel trailers, all are specifically designed to reduce corrosion. Then you have to consider the number of axles to be used, assisted braking and then of course a reliable electrical system. Support for the hull is important and you need good base support and adjustable supports to suit multi-chine vessels

Some manufacturers have trailers to suit particular large production boats and also ranges just to suit the boat lengths.

The latest information and hints on boat trailer wiring are here along with boat trailer parts.