Piracy in Africa

Piracy in Africa has been a serious problem.  In a previous incident Somalia pirates hijacked a Thai fishing trawler the THAI UNION around 200 nm north of the Seychelles and 650 nm off the Somali coast. The latest hijack by Somalia pirates takes it to 8 boats and that is just 4 within the last 2 weeks. Of this total 3 are fishing boats and the British yacht.

Piracy in Africa – Yacht Hijack

Yacht Lynn Rival activated an EPIRB and it was presumed hijacked while on a passage from Seychelles to Tanzania. This was later confirmed hijacked by Somalia Pirates and Royal Navy warship when they found the yacht drifting with no one aboard, and the couple missing. The couple are evidently being held ashore and this is the same scenario as recent piracy hijackings. It’s going to be a tough time for the couple as there will be no ransom resources and the pirates will want millions. Piracy is Africa is big business. 

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Piracy in Africa - Chinese seafarers

In more piracy in Africa news, Somali pirates have threatened to execute seafarers on board the hijacked Cosco bulk carrier De Xin Hai if any rescue attempt is made. The Somali pirates attacked and seized the Chinese vessel on Monday along with 25 crew members. The attack came some 700 miles (1,100 kilometers) out in the Indian Ocean, east of the Somali coastline. This appeared to be a record distance away from Somalia as the heavy Naval presence severely restricts the success rate and so they have moved far out.

Piracy in Africa

The German warship Bremen intervened against suspected pirates, making life hard for piracy in Africa to continue. A helicopter from the EU Navfor warship identified suspected pirate craft in the Somali Basin. The suspected craft were made up of a mother skiff and two smaller skiffs, near the islands of Seychelles. The EU Navfor helicopter fired warning shots and the skiffs stopped. The crew from the helicopter observed that the suspected pirates threw a number of items over board. A boarding party from the German warship found on the skiff grappling hooks, ammunition, GPS and ten barrels of fuel. The skiffs had no fishing equipment on board and after confiscating the suspected pirate equipment the mother skiff and crew were released”

Piracy in Africa

French Marines posted on board two French fishing vessels in the Indian Ocean fired on and repelled two pirate boats in the early hours of Saturday morning. The Drennec and Glenan are reported to have been approached by the launches 195 miles north of the Seychelles. French marines first fired flares, then warning shots, and finally fired on the boats when they received small arms fire in return. The Seychelles coastguard and EU naval forces serving as part of the Atalanta task force apparently captured the boats and the mother ship, arresting 11 men. Another strike back against piracy in Africa. Keep up to date with the piracy in Africa on fishing and boats.