Best Fishing Tips

The best of the fishing tips is very simple, plan it right, buy it right, install it right, operate it right, then maintain it right! Nothing can ruin a carefully planned fishing trip, or expedition and vacation chasing those elusive Bass, Walleye, Trout and whatever your favorite target fish species or prospective seafood meal is than having all the quality fishing gear fall over. Most fishing trips get ruined by outboard engine issues, followed by getting the weather wrong and then using wrong gear for the right species. You all know the feeling. Do you know what shows up in the blogs here day in and day out? Failures in fishing boat winterization and spring reactivation and spring commissioning. More also to read about aluminum fishing boats.  

More Great Fishing Tips

The simple small fishing boat still depends on properly installed fishing equipment, whether it’s surf, river, bay, estuary or offshore, the problems essentially remain the same. Everyone needs a the right fishing tips.   If you want to pull in that big fish, or support the statement that “The Big One Got Away!” then ignore good advice. These fishing tips will help you with the following helpful and practical information.  Reliability depends on very much on good maintenance and careful planning.  There are two types of saltwater fishing, there are those with fishing boats who go offshore and fish for fun and catch and release and then there are those who go fishing for food, something pan sized or to add to the freezer. 

Essential Fishing Tips

So many issues to consider and so much to learn. First there is your target fish species. Then there is your preferred fishing location.  Then there is boat and outboard motor maintenance preparation, followed by checking out your boat trailer. Then there are the most important boating safety considerations, including watching the weather fishing forecast and the best tides for fishing. Then there is the fishing gear selection. What fishing bait or fishing lures are you going to use. Maybe you need to source fishing worms. Using the right fishing lures and I have collected several favorites over the years. Want to know about sting rays and how one killed Steve Irwin. There are several really good suppliers worth considering and details are on other pages. 

More Essential Fishing Tips

Fishing gear selection covers a range of fishing tackle box issues.  What fish hooks and fishing hook sizes? What is the best fishing line? What is a fishing bobber? my son asked me. Then we get into the more front-end fishing issues of which fishing rod or fishing pole? Then we have to consider fishing reels, some very expensive choices are out there.

What Do You Fish For?

I like fishing for both freshwater fish such as Trout, Muskie, Bass, Crappie and Walleye.  The saltwater fish which is a very long list and includes Salmon, Shad, Mullet, Amberjack, Mahi Mahi, Redfish, Tuna, Bream, Whiting and so on.   While some of the fishing equipment is similar the results are rather different and the techniques required to target your species are also different. Getting the right time, right tides, right weather, right equipment and a lot of other things are required. Don’t be depressed just because all those endless TV fishing shows seem to make it all so easy and effortless. We know it is not. Watch those YouTube videos and fishing shows, make notes and watch technique and see how you can adapt them to your fishing trip.

Boat Fishing Tips

I can’t stress enough how important getting your boat and outboard engine in good condition is.  Many boats sit in the home driveway or back yard on their trailers for many months, in some cases years. They bear the full brunt of the sun, rain and snow between each use, freezing up and heating up, endless temperature extremes. When they do get taken out, they get covered in salt spray in choppy bays and estuaries. When they return home, many boats are washed down with the high pressure of garden hoses or pressure washers, penetrating most electrical gear. Next time out all the usual problems and issues arise, the kids complain and the wife complains even more.  If you want the best of fishing tips is that of making boating fun and keeping the family happy. More great information from fishing and boats.