Lures from Bass Pro Shop work!

A day in a Bass Pro Shop is like a day in Disneyland.  They say a days fishing is a day added to your allotted life span, that is almost how I feel about Bass Pro. 

I love fishing and I have to say fishing lures from the bass pro shop always work! What we all seek is a lure that catches the target species, however if only life were that simple. Looking for the ideal one is a long process of understanding habitat, environment, behaviour, feeding patterns, and a lot of pleasant experimentation.

They are however expensive and while the do-it-yourself types will make up their own, many of us choose to buy off the shelf at the Bass Pro Shop. That's where the fun begins as the choice is huge.

Lures from the Bass Pro Shop

Are you a lure beginner? Do you know what a Rebel, Heddon, Cotton Cordell, Bomber, Magnum Rapala, Riverside, Excalibur, Arbogast, Sliver, Creek Chub or a Lazy Ike is? What about fish attractants, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, spinners, spoons and jigs? Fishing lures from the Bass Pro Shop always work!

What are crankbaits, minnowbaits, surfcasting plugs, trolling lures, topwater lures, wirebaits, jerkbaits, soft plastic baits and tungsten weights. And you thought lures are simple? The things to consider are many.

Visit the bass pro shop and find out. How far will it cast? How far will it dive? How about it's buoyancy? Does it need tuning? What about the wobble action? So many things to know about lures isn't there, but you all knew that. If you watch enough fishing television shows you eventually learn something.

What about its hydro-acoustic noise and bubble or wake profile? The fish are smart and the angler has to be even smarter. The leading lure manufacturers research and design these fish attracting features.

Bass Pro Shops are Disneyworld for fishermen! Many tank test new lures to verify performance for shallow or deep runners, along with movement and actions at different speeds. The very best are hand crafted and hand painted. Will it catch your bass, walleye, salmon or target species? Fishing lures from the Bass Pro Shop always work! Fishing lures from the bass pro shop always work! Great fishing tips are also on this site.

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