Fishing trips anywhere in the world. Fishing is the ultimate adventure vacation! I have been fortunate to live and work in many locations around the world and going fishing was part of the fun and adventure. There are some great places to go fishing around Africa, from Capetown in South Africa, up to Kenya on the East Coast, and the long West coast line up to Morocco. Not everywhere is accessible or safe but there are some untouched areas where you can find a guide or a charter company to help you catch some great fish.

Fishing Trips in Africa

I first wet my line in Durban, South Africa in the mid seventies, and I have been hooked on fishing in South Africa ever since and made many fishing expeditions. Anyone who has ever made fishing trips and loves saltwater fishing out of Capetown will know what I am talking about. Great sport, and great eating.

In fact for those who think Africa is off limits for fishing trips, once you spend a vacation in Capetown you will be going back. I used to work and fish in Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania back in the mid seventies. It is untouched as far as sport fishing goes and some really great fishing is possible. The peri peri mud crab in Mozambique is fabulous.

Fishing Trips in Mozambique

Many people are put off by the notion of heading to Mozambique however the darker days of political instability in the 1970's and 80's are disappearing, and it's a cheap destination for great fishing. The North currently has violence issues though.

They beer is also good and don't forget to try some hot and spicy Peri-peri prawns (shrimp) or some of the great mud crab when there. If you plan it right you could drive across from South Africa and squeeze in a visit to Kruger National Park as well. It's just been expanded to a large section of Mozambique and the trip into the park is just awesome.

Fishing Trips in Cape Verde Islands and Namibia

I worked recently in Namibia and it is just a gem of a place, make some fishing trips there before the tourists find out about it. It's a safe place, and the fishing is just terrific.

Another recent vacation included the Cape Verde Islands. It's off the track a bit but if you are into offshore game fishing trips then it's a treat and fish out of Fogo island, don't forget to climb the volcano while there!

Fishing Trips in the UK

There is much more to fishing trips in the UK than meets the eye, with many species all offering challenges. There is also some superb fly fishing-trips to be had for Trout and Salmon on the many streams and dams in England, Wales and Scotland. Sea fishing trips are also challenging in UK waters. The principal species include Cod, Conger Eels, Thornback Rays, Flounder, Blue Bass, Arctic Cod, Turbot, Whiting, Pollack, Ling, Lesser and Greater Weavers, Pouting, Plaice, Mackerel, Bream, Huss, Skate, Tope, Spurdog, Gurnard, Dab, Haddock, Dogfish, Rockling, and Smoothhound

Fishing Trips in Australia

Australia is home to Rex Hunt, someone familiar to the TV viewers in so many countries around the world, and this guy gets the best fishing trips of all. Of course you don't have to kiss every fish. I started my addiction to fishing on my first fishing-trips and the first time I threw in a line from an old wharf and landed a very edible Bream. After that it has been endless fishing-trips forever chasing everything from sweet tasting Sand Whiting, Flathead and Tailor off the beach, then offshore for Red Snapper and Dorado or the elusive Jewfish and more.

Of course I must mention the challenge and patience required of fishing for the elusive Blackfish using my dearly departed grandfathers antique cane fishing rod. I also had the good fortune to spend several months working on a new ship project in the more remote parts of the Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Australia. Having a lot of spare time I used it to make many fishing trips at every opportunity. The quest for Barramundi was never ending and the sheer number of other species prevents any boredom. 

Fishing Trips in Ireland

There is much more to fishing trips in the Ireland, truly the place to fish. Angling for Atlantic Salmon on Ireland's Cork Blackwater is a good start. This is Ireland's premier salmon fishing lodge with 15 miles private and exclusive fishing on the Blackwater. 17 beats on the best reaches of the river from Lismore to Mallow - covering 40 river miles starting only 3 miles above the tidal limit. High catch record fishery with approx. 1,000 salmon caught each season. Family-run Hotel and cottage accommodation, bar, restaurant, smokery, guides & tuition. Situated one hour from Cork, 2 hours from Shannon & Rosslare and 4 hours from Dublin. Daily updated river report. Fishing trips anywhere in the world. Enjoy trouble free fishing trips and get great fishing tips.