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So where do you start? There is a lot to know. I get asked regularly about what is the problem, and more importantly and how to fix a problem. I am a yacht owner and that’s why I have published a dozen books to tell you all that you need to know about how to take care of your sailboats and yacht systems.

My name is JOHN C PAYNE, and many of you may already have one of my books on marine electrical and electronics systems (The recently published Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible now in it’s 4th Edition) or perhaps one of the many other books on sailboats and yacht systems.


I am not an armchair expert, but a qualified and practising marine electrician and engineer, and a marine surveyor. I do this for a living, and also I sail and cruise my own yacht for fun! I have built, lived aboard and cruised several yachts and the chances are that your problems have been my own. Let this website help you with the boat forum! Thousands of people input with answers to problems.

What is your yacht problem? If you know what the problem is then you are halfway towards finding  the right solution. Why not choose from one of my many books to help you fix your problems. Here are some hot topics for the boat-forum:

GPS How to get the best from you GPS

Interference How to locate and eliminate that annoying radio noise

This is just a fraction of the 3000 plus questions that were posted, and it is hoped that this Marine Electronics forum and bulletin board does the same.

The Marine Electronics Forum is also a great place to look for spare parts that are hard to find, share your problems and experience with others, ask questions, share stories and more about my books and related topics and a lot more. Create your own web page every time you submit an article and include great low resolution images as well. 


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Boat and marine electronics, GPS, radar, SSB, autopilots, instrumentation, fishfinders, interference, radios problems and issues? need someone to try and help resolve them? Then use this forum and maybe someone can help.

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08 mercury 90 efi, on Fisher freedom pontoon electrical problem  
While docking at nite , I turn my docking lites on , and all of my lites and stock stereo go off .this happened last week. I went down to try and trouble …

Lowrance HDS 7 gen 3 
Sonar and sidescan work great for about the 1st hour of trips and then the scroll with stutter and freeze up. Repower unit and runs a few seconds and freezes. …

Loran SeaRanger ALN200 
Just wondered if this equipment is still useable. Got a boat with this on it and don't know much about Loran navigation.

Need Help with boat audio system 
Hello im trying to figure out i have and old 70s series evinrude motor and im trying to see if there is an alternator or something on the engine that charges …

humming bird 343 fish finder 
This may sound crazy but when we put the boat in reverse, the finder goes nuts, jumps depths from 11 feet to 600, and all in between. Has its own line …

HF Grounds and AC/DC Grounds 
My question is about grounds. In particular whether radio grounds should be “isolated” or at least separate from The normal DC ground (negative terminal, …

Furuno GPS 
I have just purchased a 2nd hand Furuno GP-31 GPS for my yachts. I wish to know about grounding the unit. I have the power with 1amp inline fuse going …

battery warning light iveco 320  Not rated yet
hi recently installed 2 new numax 12v 170amps 1000cca batteries , small problem is the battery warning light stays on for around 15 minutes after start …

hsb2 plus fishfinder (L760) not reading bottom Not rated yet
I have a hsb2 plus Raymarine system (f Finder, radar, aotopilot etc) recently the L760 fish finder didnot displyed bottom or fish ... just dotts . i have …

1984 Evinrude 150 V6 VRO outboard E150TLCRD Not rated yet
The overheat warning buzzer in the throttle assembly has a short in it, and has started to melt. I have been searching for a replacement buzzer with no …

CDI modual Not rated yet
1991 force 120 HP engine megoa low time since last owner overhaul, out on lake last summer, running around like normal then suddenly, engine RPM started …

2004 wellcraft sportsman freshwater supply  Not rated yet
I bought this used and the freshwater is not working. I can not find a switch to turn on. The freshwater tank is full and the pump is getting water.

Searay 300 weekender Not rated yet
I have been trying to put ina new depth finder, but can’t seem to find any power source .... I hooked up the leads to what I thought was and accessory …

Transducer location in a Tri hull? Not rated yet
i have a 1971 starcraft tri hull wonder if someone could explain best location, i know it has to be in water with least turbulance but does this mean just …

NMEA 2000  Not rated yet
I have a 2016 Honda BF 100A outboard and Lowrance elite i7. my question is can receive all the engine data example fuel rate fuel used, engine revs etc …

computer scanner port location Not rated yet
I have a 1996 welcraft eclipes with a 5.7 and I'm having problems with motor cutting out at higher RPM's (under load) changed cap, rotor, plugs and fuel …

Depthfinder troubleshooting Not rated yet
I bought a 1992 Thundercraft Express 240 I/O. The original built-in depth finder has no display, and the speedometer doesn't work. I am guessing the …

Autopilot Not rated yet
I have a boat with a garmin autopilot and every once in a while the autopilot will turn the boat in circles and then flash low hydraulic. We have had it …

Furuno FCV-668 Chart Gps connectors. Not rated yet
I have a shoot through the hull Furuno FCV-668 transducer (200kz) installed and it works great. Question: will it connect to a new Lowrance 8 HDS fishfinder …

boat radio only works sporadically Not rated yet
I have a 2001 Searay 210 sundeck with a Clarion stereo system. The problem is the radio only works when it wants to. In other words, sometimes when I …

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