CDI modual

by Colin
(San Diego county)

1991 force 120 HP engine megoa low time since last owner overhaul, out on lake last summer, running around like normal then suddenly, engine RPM started droping off rather quickly/steadly till engine quit, was NOT hot out of fuel ect, so it must be 1 of2 or both CDI moduals,when trying to start engine, pops a few times and though a 2 stroke, sounds like a for stroke 180 degrees out of time when cranking.. it has ok compressions, Ive boroscoped the 4 cylinders, theyall have normal wear, tested and removed both carbs, put my hand over the carb base and had engine cranked.. it sucks! lol inspected and replaced one set of reed valves, fuel screen clear, sparkplugs brand new ( 1.9 ) hrs. im at a loss. ive allso (tried) more than mentioned.. help me out if you can!!, Thanks, Colin P/S 30 years of boating real experience, when in the middle of no where , then seas turn biblicaly....well you DONT want to be there have had ONLY force 90...120 125 150 hp outboards... NEVER experienced this...

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