yamaha F70la 2012

by Mike McDonald
(Land O Lakes, FL)

After running at full throttle for 10-15 minutes, the motor starts to bog down like it's out of gas. I put it in the neutral position, then I squeezed the bulb which feels firm and I'm able to return to full throttle for another 10-15 minutes. I've replaced the squeeze bulb and the fuel lines to the tank. The tank is vented properly, I also replaced the filter in the clear cannister and the filter after the fuel pump but I still have the same issue. The squeeze bulb remains firm and I have no leaks at all. I have not replaced the filter in the VST. Could this possibly be the problem?!


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May 21, 2022
loss of power
by: dolpterry

If your running in salt water it could be overheating due to corrosion in the water jackets Yamahas are famous for that. Also could be a dirty fuel filter that is restricting the gas flow that would be the first thing to check and replace.

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