Yamaha F50TLR 2010

by Bryan
(Coon Rapids, MN)

Yamaha F50TLR Tach issue. 4 stroke runs fine but the tachometer quit working. This tach came with my Alumacraft boat. An analog Veethree mfg. I ordered a new tach which didn't solve issue. Tach goes to zero at engine start.
I measured the incoming signal to tach in hz at idle coming from the engine and it was about 75 hz and 1.2vac.
I used a 12vac wall wart to test the tach off-line by taking the 12vac signal/60hz connected to tach and the tach does register about right.
I contacted VeeThree Elec and they said voltage needs to be over 3 vac to work.
What could cause the tach signal to be too low? and wouldn't this affect runability of the engine?

Could use some help!!

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