Yamaha, f150xb, 2016

by Mark
(St.clar shores, mi, macomb)

Ran fine at varying rpms across lake for maybe 30 minutes, no wake speed for 30 min..back to lake at higher rpms for 2 minutes then engine rpms just dropped off to idle..did it again and again and even stalled at one point..seemed to mostly happen around 3000rpm but happened at2000 as well. 100 hours on engine. Service is kept up and winterized and fogged. Only non ethonol for the 2 years ive owned it. Not sure but narrowed down to like 7 things from research lol. Vst filters maybe clogged, injectors clogged, watet in fuel, air leak in fuel somewhere, tank breather, check valve at tank, primer bulb, fuel pumps, bad trim sensor. Not sure where to even start.. Any thoughts?

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