Yamaha 90HP ticking noise

by Lisa
(Melbourne Australia)

My 90hp Yamaha outboard was rebuilt after doing a cylinder and on first taking it out to run it in it ran beautifully for an hour then the motor just die, so I took it back to the mechanic he found a loose fuel bulb but that didn't feel as though it had been the cause but I was happy to go with it if my boat worked now. Next trip out dropped the boat in the lake motor started perfectly put it into reverse and though it was running the prop didn't spin and it was making a ticking sound put it back into neutral and reengaged reverse it worked perfectly no ticking....ran the boat for 30 mins on a flat lake then took the revs up to around 5000rpm and it went like a dream then stopped checked the prop, battery, fuel everything I could think of turned it off went to turn it back on and there was nothing, as though the battery had been unhooked and that ticking noise was there again turned it off sat and wondered how cold the water was then tried it again...it turned over and started like nothing had ever happened. I am a female boat owner and need my motor to be reliable. My mechanic is lovely and trying to locate the problem but cant seem to. To me...an admitted outboard amateur and this many sound stupid but it sounded like something is arcing its that's kind of ticking sound and might explain the sudden lack of power both times? Would really appreciate any thoughts that might help?

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