Yamaha 50hp 4 stroke intermittant trolling speed stall

by Rob
(Ft Myers Florida, USA)

My Yamaha 50hp 4 stroke starts, idles, & goes from low to high speed fine, but when I let it idle for 15 minutes it dies, acting like a gas problem. If I pump the bulb repeatedly it will start after trying 8-10 times or more, then runs fine again. When it does restart I usually quit trolling and give it more gas and go. I'm not sure if it is actually a gas problem or if it is something heating up causing the problem. The motor is over propped and only does 5000 rpm wide open. It has 715 hrs on it. It is on a 2008 Crest tri-toon. I have removed the restrictor in the intake so it should be putting out the same as a 60hp.

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