About Yacht Fishing

Yacht fishing is usually carried out when under sail and in fairly mild weather conditions.  Trolled lures are the general method of fishing for pelagic fish off a yacht stern.  On many occasions I have had to slow down to optimum trolling speed, sometimes food is just as good as the passage time.  Sometimes I just stop and drift if the area shows good potential for fish.  

More Yacht fishing tips

There are a few basic recommendations to follow. If using lines, braided lines are generally a lot better as it tends to kink a lot less. My personal choice on my boat is braided line with at least a 200lb (90 kg) breaking strain leader. Use stainless or black swivels to join the trace. The cord is attached to the boat using a rubber toilet pipe sealing ring to cushion the strike shock. If using a reel then one with a variable clutch is essential. Most fish are lost (the ones that get away!) as they break the line on the initial strike and run. Set the tension so that it pays out under medium pressure. When a fish strikes, round up and take way off the boat, then just wind in hard, do not tighten up the clutch. Wear the sailing gloves when you haul them in, as line can cause nasty lacerations when a saltwater fish does a run.

The best catches of fish are always taken along reef edges and close to deep passages, around islands. The best boat speeds are around 3-6 knots, with around 100 feet (30 meters) of line paid out astern. 

Landing Yacht Fishing Catch

Gaff the fish before lifting aboard, as many a good saltwater fish is lost at this stage as the hooks straighten out, lines break or the traces are severed. You lose a good and expensive lure as well.  When you land your catch, use a net, as so many fish lost when hauling straight on board, then promptly dispatch the victim between the eyes with something heavy and blunt, I use a winch handle, and then bleed the fish straight away. This is done by cutting either under or behind the gills. Stand and have your picture taken with the fish for the album and then bleed, fillet and put straight on ice or in the frig. Failure to do this will mean rapid softening and discoloration of the flesh, which is a waste after all the effort and expense.

Yacht Fishing Lures

For every saltwater fish there are several lures. There are many brands of lures, some prefer spoons and similar or more lifelike lures that imitate saltwater fish movement and colors. The best lures to use varies, I use squid types, with lots of color and bubble creation, also I use either as a leader or as the lure, a flying fish. The flying fish skips across the water like the real prey that many tropical pelagic saltwater fish subsist on, as a leader I place one about 6-8 feet up from another smaller different lure. The fish are attracted to the skipping flying fish, and then hone in on the smaller lure.  Always more great yacht fishing advice.  Best advice on how to cook seafood.