Yacht Charter Miami


Miami in Florida is the yacht charter capital of the USA, and it has a lot to offer and the Florida Keys are the most popular destination with a lot to keep you travelling and entertained. There is so much to do and places to go, places to eat and drink, no wonder its so popular. If you want to yacht charter then this is the place to do it.

The Florida Keys are more than 100 miles long and lie in 5 main groups and each has its own unique islands and local communities. You can start at Miami and work down from there, the question is do you have enough time to see it all. It is truly a great place for chartering a  yacht

Key Largo. Probably the most famous it is also one of the closest and has an artificial reef that was created with the sinking of a 510 ft warship so its a great location for diving and snorkeling. There are many great restaurants also to eat at. Great establishments serving really great seafood. What's not to love?  There is a good reason why Key Largo has developed an almost mystical reputation, being referenced in songs and must have been photographed a million times for Instagram accounts. Key Largo appears so many places as it sounds exotic, is exotic and just one of those beautiful places in the world. so while the crowds have already discovered it, it is still worth visiting, tourists and all.

Yacht Charter Miami

Islamorada This purple island lies within the middle of the Florida Keys and is also renowned for sport fishing. There are several great fishing charter operators based here so if fishing is your thing, go take a trip and catch something that doesn't get away.

The Lower Keys include Cudjoe Key, Big Pine Key, Sugarloaf Key as a few other lesser ones as well. These islands are known for the abundance of wildlife and natural beauty.

Key West is world renowned for tropical culture and is very much like the Caribbean with beautiful blue water and a lot of historical attractions to visit. Highly recommended place to visit, it lives up to the hype.

Sailing essentially falls into two sides, the Gulf of Mexico side and the Atlantic Ocean side starting in Miami and each has its attractions, so you can choose from Pensacola to Palm Beach and around to Key West. Hell of a choice I know, so if chartering choose one side this year and next year the other.  More about sailing yacht charters and  Yacht Charter Miami