Wiring problems nothing works

by jordan
(harrison Arkansas )

I just got a 1986 phantom lightning ski boat with a 3.0 in it and i dont know anything about boats this is my first one i hooked a battery up today for the first time since ive had it and flipped some switches to see if any of my gauges or my trim motor lights and all that worked and didnt get nothing at all. The boat has been sitting for a few yrs and i figured with new spark plugs and an oil change itd be ready to go but im taking that thats a no. All i see is a handful of wiring going from the gauges and stuff to a thing on the motor looks somewhat like a sylenoid i was going to troubleshoot it and hook it all up to my battery but i didnt want to mess up my boat. Im getting frustrated to the point that im thinking of selling it as much as i dont want to i just want to get out on the water asap any help i could get would be great cause i dont have any boat know how at all .

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