Water problem in the very front of the bow

by Glenda G Nichols
(Mountain Home, Arkansas)

Don't know if you can see the water or not

Don't know if you can see the water or not

Hello my name is Glenda


First off thank you in advance!!!!!

Here's my problem?
I have a Hunter 21.5 Sailboat (bought it used). Anyhow :O we took her out a few times we live near Boal shoals, ark so lots of humidity to create mold. We decided to clean her up real good for the winter. That's when we noticed all the mold in the cabin we removed everything that wasnt nailed down and got rid of all the standing water. (Or so we thought)
Now here's our problem?????
We just discovered more standing water don't know where it's coming from or how to eliminate. The very front of the bow is holding water we noticed because water started seeping through the fiber glass we cut a small section out to see what was the cause what we found was that the Styrofoam fills the very front of the bow and its in some kind of bag all of witch is full of water. Please tell us what's wrong and how to fix it? We would so appreciate it thanks again, Glenda

P.s. is there any way to get mold out of our cushions??????

Thank you thank you thank you
And have a blessed day!😊

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