Water in oil of my Nercruiser

by Pat

When we launched our boat we forgot to put the plug in. It was our first time we owned a boat with a inboard engine. ( always had a pontoon). As we drove down the lake we started to have trouble and the boat started to take on water, fast. We didn't know about the switch for the bilge pump! We were able to get to a neighbors dock and run for help. A neighbor came, turned on the pump and started to drain the water. By that time we had taken on about 6 inches of water. We completed draining the boat, lifted the cover to expose the engine and let it dry out. Neighbor make sure everything got dried off and we got our wet/dry vac and cleaned the carpet. Boat ran ok after that for maybe a month or so before we started having trouble with the boat running smoothly. We took the boat to be winterized and they said when they drained the oil they noticed water.That fact that the boat flooded, could that have caused water to get into the oil?

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