Water coming into the transcom of my pontoon boat

by Chris
(Marietta ga )

I have a 2012 manitou pontoon boat. I test drove the boat with a 90 HP motor on it. It ran awesome and had unbelievable power. It went 29-30 mph according to the speedometer. I called Yamaha, manitou, and also asked the dealer salesperson I was working with, I asked if the 115HP motor would get more sped and power they basically laughed and said are you kidding ? Of course they said all 3 of them. Well I have been dealing with this for 2 1/2 years and still no power the top speed with the speedometer is 24 MPH it doesn't go any faster when u go from 3/4 throttle to full doesn't go ant faster at all. They have had this boat in 5 times with 7-10 different props raised and lowered the height of the motor. The motor runs the best when the motor is the furthest down on the transcom. I'm looking for help somewhere Yamaha, manitou and the dealer are all involved and no solutions ?

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