Volvo Penta has launched its new Interceptor System

by John C Payne

Volvo Penta has launched its new Interceptor System (IS), which provides automatic optimized three-axis trimming to meet dynamic acceleration and cruising phases. The new IS technology to provide an efficient and easy-to-handle boat trim system. The Volvo Penta IS is a fully electrical system (no hydraulics) with powerful servos that are integrated in the Volvo Penta electronic vessel control (EVC) platform. The trim blades generate lift and drag that translates into moments on the boat in all three axis depending on action. That means that the boat’s attitude can be adjusted in all directions, either manually or in auto mode. In auto mode, the system is activated by boat speed.

In automatic mode, driver interface is accomplished via a one-button activation. This activates automatic mode, and your boat’s attitude is optimized to prevailing conditions thanks to the advanced control system. Manual mode is engaged by using the trim buttons according to the operator’s own preferences. major effect of the IS, and boat trimming in general, is the improved fuel efficiency. With IS in automatic mode, fuel efficiency is optimized by dynamically perfecting the running trim angle – regardless of conditions. The IS is maintenance free. The blades have a self-cleaning function, which activates automatically once every 24 hours to minimize marine growth. And since the interceptor blades are made of composite material and will not attract current, the IS has no need for protective anodes that have to be replaced regularly.

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