volvo AQ125A coolant in raw water discharge

by Dan
(St. Louis)

Volvo AQ125A

Volvo AQ125A

1983 Volvo AQ125A engine running at 200 degrees (about 20 degrees above normal)lost some coolant from resevoir radiator cap. changed thermostat refilled, ran in tub of water in driveway. temp 175 degrees at wot for 10 mins. turned off engine thinking problem solved, let engine cool down pulled radiator cap low coolant. Where did it go? noticed coolant coming from raw water discharge thru exhaust. Impeller circulating raw water excellent, no leaks any where on motor or cooling system that can be seen. Head gasket not blown. My best guess is the heat exchanger has finally given out. I'm mechanically inclined but ive never had to work on this cooling system and from what I can find from researching this problem is that these systems are prone to these types of things over time. Any ideas on this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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