V8 bayliner issues

by Justin
(Cornubia / australia)

I have a 205 bayliner bowrider fitted with the 260 mpi 5.0 (injected) v8. This thing is doing my head in. I can take it out and it runs fine all day. Get home run it to flush it out and the problem starts. It drops the idle right down after 4/5mins sometimes it smells a bit rich then stalls. It just won't re start. It is so close to running but won't. I leave it for 20mins then away it goes. When it starts to play up it will not accelerate and coughs through the flame arrest or. I though fuel so here is what I have replaced. The fuel pump, fuel sensor regulator, fuel filter, plugs, and the iac valve. None of which has made a difference. It brings up no alarms on the dash so Mercury seem to think it will be difficult to locate. Had anyone else had this issue? If so some guidance would be great.

Thx Justin


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