Turn the ignition key and electric fuel pump will not engage

by Rob Birmingham
(Port St Lucie FL)

I have a 1996 Chris Craft 21 concept. I had to replace the dash panel (plastic dash gauge holder)and that meant removing all the gauges.

Put everything back but now the electric fuel pump will not come on when you turn the key to first position. without this of course the boat will not start. There is a wire,,, purple/white coming off the ignition switch and I am not sure where it goes.It has a connector that looks like it goes to one of the gauges... I have tried it on two separate gauges with other purple wires (no other purple/white on gauges, just purple)but that doesn't turn on the electric fuel pump. everything was working prior to me screwing with it. Does anyone have a 1996 Chris Craft 21 concept gauge wiring diagram? I have search the web and can't seem to find one that shows proper colors and where each connection goes.

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