suzuki 99 dt140 Alarm issues

by mike kelleher
(wilmington nc)

I have a repair shop and I have been having this issue for about a month or so. Originally the boat had a no start issue and after removing water from fuel the computer would not power the fuel pump no ground from ecm. After installing a used ecm the engine would start and run and 15 sec alarm would sound and temp icon and limit would light red and go into limp mode. If you let it run it would go 30/40 sec and it would do it again. After changing impeller and checking t-stat changing temp sensor,{has no flow sensor and it is pumping lots of water, also changed a 2nd ecm and it still does the same thing. I went on forums etc and having no luck I went on and hooked up with a tech with Suzuki experience. After 3 weeks e=mailing back and forth with no luck he threw his hands up and advised me to get it scanned. I took it to a Suzuki dealer who said he could scan it but there is no way to hook up his scanner to this engine. I went to another Suzuki dealer and he informed me that this computer is not able to be scanned. I am an auto tech mostly and I can scan all computers from 1st gen to present. I have a hard time thinking that you would put a computer on an engine that you could not relate with. Anyway thanx for letting me rant a bit. I don't know whether you can help with this as I am pretty flummoxed. I have also done all the usual stuff check all grounds and wiring,changed guage,ran engine unplugged from boat etc and it does the same thing. Thanx. If you have any suggestions you can E-mail me at

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