starts first time on trailer then 1st time in water but after that

by allan
(margaret river australia)

I have a 1998 50hp Johnson. it starts 1st time on muffs and 1st time in the ocean. I drive to my fishing spot about 20 mins at 20mph turn it off then after 10 mins try to restart it .it takes at least 5 or 6 tries before it starts. I choke it then not choke it then lift the thing that gives it revs then choke it again not neccasarily in this order.this happens for the rest of the day.if I drive for 10 mins turn it off then turn it back on it will start 1st time . I use the boat every 3 weeks and have it serviced twice a is not the battery and it only started doing this last 2 outings. has worked fine for 5 years. hoe you can help me.

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