stalling when trying to get on first plane of the day

by Steve
(lewis center OH USA)

I have a 1999 Johnson 200 hp (j200pleen). I have a very confusing problem that nobody can help me with. She fires right up in the morning and idles great. When I idle out to open zones and hit her with the fuel she dies. I fire her right back up and put in reverse and punch it then I can drop the throttle and get her on plane. The rest of the day no problem getting on plane unless she sits for 3 or 4 hours then I have to go in reverse first or it will stall trying to take off.

Things I have done

1: checked all my fuel lines
2: rebuilt carbs and sealed the pressed in bb (took care of a leaking issue by sealing them}
3: replaced primer bulb Pumps up hard now and does not bleed off
4: replaced fuel filter

It has done this since I bought it last summer. I pre mix oil, because the vro is disconnected by cutting the line and plugged. {was already done when I bought it}
I do not want to just throw hard earned money at it, and have heard to many horror stories of spending when taking to the shop.

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