stalling upon acceleration

by Lester
(Carlisle, Ohio)

I have a 1997 Johnson Fast Strike 175 hp. Vin. J175GLEUC, The motor ran great however float bowls were warped and leaking so I changed them after that it sucks, When I first get it off the trailer as long as I don't shut it off it runs great but shut it off for a few seconds it idles good but as soon as I crack the throttle up it dies, I reeve it some choke it some as I throttle up eventually it will go until I shut it off and it starts all over, I've used new carb gaskets checked float level rebuilt VRO changed fuel bulb and checked shift interrupt switch and changed plugs, need help this is driving me crazy. I'm a pretty good auto mech. and was very carful with what I was doing but this has me stumped.

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