stalled, won't start

by robert

I have an optimax 115 dfi 3 cyl 2004 with 177hrs. It has been faultless in the 3 years I have owned it. A few weeks ago I took it out and it had a good run of about 15 miles , we done about 8 - 10 short drifts over a wreck and I started it and went to move it and it stalled. It started up several times but stalled after a few secs. I put brand new plugs in and checked the fuel filter. topped up the oil but no joy. Got towed in. I have since renewed the battery with the correct spec. The fuel pump is running. The spark on all three plugs doesn't look that strong but thought that they wouldn't all breakdown together. when the plugs are out they seem dry. I haven't checked the pump or air pressures yet but pushed in the Schrader on the air and had vapour in it. I thought about the press reg valve diaphragm maybe torn but with no previous symptoms I am not sure plus would it stop it even starting? I will check the pressures tomorrow. Is it a problem taking the prv off for a look? also any thoughts about the spark.

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Oct 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

a bit late but thought I would let you know what the problem was. I realised that the fuel prv diaphragm was shot so bought and replaced the fuel rail which came with new regulators and fuel injectors. Still no show so stripped the vst and found that the rubber grommet on top of the hp pump was split, renewed it and hey presto runs like new.I am glad that I found the diaphragms before the grommet as I may not have replaced them and had more trouble later on. My advice is to renew the grommet at say 5 years because when it goes it kills the engine stone dead. It's an easy job

Jul 25, 2014
by: robert

re checked spark and it's ok. poor earthing by me, noticed the air shrader had an emulsified type liquid coming out presume it is mixed with oil, is this normal? I put a bit of fuel in each cyl and fired but never ran, so looking at fuel injectors now after the pressure test today

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