Spun hub or bad clutch dogs?

by Steve Bishop
(Rochester, mn)

I bought a used pontoon. It has a 90 HP Tracker motor. On my first visit to the lake I found I had a problem. Every time I attempted to speed up, I would get a vibration, the motor would rev up and the pontoon would slow down. I would bring the throttle bad down a little and it would go away. I tried taking it up very slow and I got it a little faster but then it started again. It felt an awful lot like a slipping clutch in a car. I took it back where I got it. They told me it just needed the shift cable adjusted. I went back to the lake the next day and the very same thing happened. I was afraid it wouldn't have the power to reload unto the trailer. I am extremely disappointed in the business I bought it from. I know some problems can't be found without a lake test. I was pretty sure it wasn't a cable adjustment, but went along with it anyway. I have 80 miles of pulling this thing around and practiced putting it in and taking it out of the water. I just want some quality time driving it on the lake. What do you think is the problem?

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