Searching for owners manual for 1988 Hydrasport DV200FF Bass Boat

by Edwin
(Branson, MO)

I just purchased a 1988 Hydrasport DV200FF Bass Boat. I have been out of the country for 23 years doing mission work in South Africa, and have lost track of most of my boat knowledge. Plus, I have never owned a big bass boat...only little rigs. I now have have a boat with switches and live wells and bilge pumps and permanent gas tanks, etc, that I don't quite understand. If I had a manual, I could look everything up and figure out exactly how this boat operates, before I launch it into the water for my first excursion. I have been searching the Internet for a manual and I have contacted Hydrasports which stopped making bass boats in 1998. So far, no luck. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks a Million! Ed

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