Sazuki outboard grinds when going into reverse and won't stay in reverse.

by Larry Jourdan
(Hyde Park Vermont 05655 U>S>)

serial number

serial number

I just bought this 1986 pontoon and I am new to boating.

My first voyage was a little disapointing.
I launched the boat ok but the motor made a grinding sound when I put it into reverse.
I backed off the trailer and the engine stalled.
Well it started right back up again so I let it warm up about 5 minutes.
I places the motor in forward and that worked just fine.
When loading I tried reverse again and it made a grinding sound and didn't feel like it was as solid as when I placed the motor in forward.

I had the carbs rebuilt and I Know they need a little adjustment.

Could give me any pointers?

This boat has been sitting for four years.

Larry Jourdan

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