Ranger Z520 Electrical Short

It appears I have a short somewhere in the system. I have no interior lights or horn. When I push the button to turn on the interior lights, the LED indicator flashes along with the STOP LED flashes. The Ranger manual says this indicates a popped circuit and to reset it I am to hold down the LIGHTS Button for Five seconds. If it continues to happen I have a short somewhere. none of the Rod locker lights go on, and I noticed that the one light under the console was even disconnected. The Horn, you can hear the relay click but no sound. Do you have any insight or suggestions? I tried the Battery (+) disconnect like you advised with no luck.

Has anyone else had this problem before or know how to remedy this?

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Oct 22, 2012
Electrical short
by: Anonymous

I have a 2011 Z520 that did the same thing. The main key pads are bad and when they go they take the front keypad with them most of the time. I dont know why they dont have a recall on them. They do have a recall for a different electrical problem. You can look it up. It started in june of 2011 I think. They have replaced my keypads twice and now after Ive been out of town for three months my boats entire electrical system shorted out while sitting in the basement.

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