pulling hard to the right

by skyler
(westcliffe,Colorado USA)

i have got a 1981 tri hull 14 foot boat with a 75hp chrysler 3 cylinder outboard motor.OK heres my problem,at some point somebody put a 115hp bottom end on the engine.we think that maybe this may have something to do with the fact that when you pick the rpms up to about mid throttle or more the engine wants to pull really hard to the right.it takes some pretty good strength to keep her straight,and definately both hands to go straight in the water. we are pretty sure the outboard is well centered on the boat,and have adjusted the little fin on the bottom end,both directions and it does not help we are at a loss with it and it is getting old to hold it straight in the water.i hope i am posting this in the right spot to possibly get some help with it.thank you, Skyler

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