Propeller pitch

by Jim

I bought a 18 ft javelin renegade fish and ski it has a 1999 Johnson 115 horse 2stroke I took it to dealer to have it prepared for winter he told me the propeller needed to be machined or replaced I told him I would do it in the spring.he sent my prop out to be serviced with out my permission.and I've yet to see it back I just gonna buy a new one but I have no idea what pitch I need as my props gone.i believe the max rpm is 6500+/-50 .i use it mostly for fishing.any one own a similar boat or have any advice I'd really appreciate it

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Jun 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Horse Shit Buddy, I'd sue the bastard before buying a new prop, especially if you have photos of it before taking it to the shop. Ask which prop shop he uses and or call all the prop shops in the area and see where your prop is. Repair Scams like this are somewhat normal where they send your prop out for repair, they buff it shiny and send it back with a $200 repair bill. If you didn't authorize it, than it's free.

Done Deal!!

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