OMC 3.0 Misfiring after being ran under a load

by Kevin Bibeau
(Somerset, MA)

I have a 1987 Starcraft 3.0 that I am pulling my hair out with. My issue is that once the boat is run under a load for about 20-30 mins it begins to misfire. For the first 20-30 mins the boat runs terrific with no issues. I have done a lot of reading on this forum and many others about this problem. I found that many people have had similar problems but none of their solutions have helped me unfortunately. I have tried many different things to solve this problem, I will list them below.

What I have tried:
-Cleaned all connections and replaced positive and negative battery cables.
-Replaced coil
-Switched to a internal ballast resistor coil and ran power to it from the battery when the ignition was in "on" position. The reason I did this was because I thought my resistor wire from the alternator was no good and was supplying too much power to the coil therefore overheating it.
-New Plugs.
-New plug wires
-New cap, condenser, rotor and points.
-When the problem would occur I would run a jump lead from the (+) battery terminal to the (+) post of the coil and nothing would change. I figured if it was an issue with the coil not getting enough power that would temporarily solve the problem.

I was wondering if I should just convert to an electronic ignition system. I do not see why that would not fix the problem. Although I would still like to know what in the world could be causing this too happen. Thank you in advance to anyone who could shed some light on this topic!

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