Normal? Need to put gas in carburator for Cold Start Volvo 170 HP (4.3L?)

We just bought a boat (first time) and we know nothing about them. It is a 17.5 ft 1991 Glastron runabout with a 170 hp Volvo inboard motor. We haven't put it in the water yet. The person we bought it from said that he always put a little gas in the carburetor before starting it for the first time, then let it warm up for 10-15 minutes before taking off. My question is: Is this normal? My husband just told me he didn't like it (why did he not say something before we bought it?).

So, for those of you with more experience than I, what do you think? Should we have the carburetor serviced? the fuel pump? The boat was in the previous owners family for many years and appeared to be well taken care of and, by all accounts and looks, always stored in a shop. I don't have any suspicions about being taken by the previous owner, and he offered to come with us on our first use. However, just wondering if this "gas in the carburetor" thing is something to be expected?


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