motor stays revved up

by ron
(spring hill fl)

I have a 96 hurricane fun deck boat with a 150 hp mercury motor we were on it today as we idled out it seemed fine we were heading out the channel markers it seemed fine we were a couple miles out we were going to anchor up and relax the engine died when I started it back up it revved real high and would not idle back down I put it in gear and headed back closer to the ramp. We anchored up ate a little lunch let it cool down for about an hour. Thought I would try it again it did the same thing so I headed for the ramp as we got in to the idle zone it just quit running and would not start back up I had to be towed in the last quarter mile. I took it home cleaned the salt water off stuck the ears on it to flush the motor as soon as it started it revved wide open and would not idle down had to shut off immediately. It's almost like there is something stuck

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