motor locks up at 60 lbs. compression

by jay
(marysville, wa)

I bought a 1986 Bayliner conquest from a guy for a fairly decent price I drove it from Seattle to Everett on one engine on the port side assuming that the starboard side just needed a starter or as I was told that's all it needed so I start tearing into the motor I put on a starter I get it to crank over so I decide to do a compression test when I put the compression gauge into any of the cylinders and crank it over it builds up 60 pounds of pressure and the n the engine locks up so I hit the pressure release on the gauge crank it over again until about 60 pounds and it does it again in any cylinder why is this I don't understand Motors much but people who do and I've brought this to their attention do not understand it as well please help fYI the guy that I bought the boat from said he's had the motor running 3 or 4 times put a new distributor in it has not ran it sense both motors are brand new or somewhat fresh Chevy 350 marine motors that were installed after the order before the guy I bought it from had engine problems and just replace them so supposedly both motors have ran from the says the guy that I bought the boat from and sense of distributors been in these problems have occurred I do not know if it has anything to do with the distributor yet I do not know what it could have to do with at all please help

pS My name is J

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Jul 13, 2014
Engine that won;t turn over
by: Anonymous

The first thing I would do is to make sure the distributor was put in right, number one hole to number one cylinder and then make sure the spark plug wires are in the right firing order, and time it. its the easiest and cheapest thing to start with.

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