mercury 65hp alternator problem.....DRG.....

by Darryl
(canada williams lake)

80 year old friend has a 65hp Mercury panther. my research with out serial# (for now) is a 1967 to 1971. put new good battery or 2 in boat eventually battery's go dead and engine quits. i understand some engines dont have alternator capability. but i would expect battery to be used only to start the thing and not keep it running. what can i look for to tell if this is alternator capable. if this isnt alternator capable can it be converted to have one. and how come when the battery goes dead it quits like it is 5:00 on Friday. I have not done any marine electrical work, but in my shop my fire extinguishers are all ABC and i have 9-1-1 on speed dial and i call them prior and inform them of any new thing i am about to attempt, they bring coffee and say to there new staff - O you gota see this!

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