Johnson outboard tacho problem

by James
(Van, BC, Canada)

would like the wiring inst. for a tach I need to mount for my Johnson O/B. The wiring harness is a 3 prong plug in to the control. It has 2 purple(joined), 2 ground(also joined) Grey,I believe thats for the tach, and blue attached to the tach light. My old airglide tach had the wiring soldered on the backside, 1 purple, 1 ground,the grey and of course the blue, my thought is that,-- new tach only has 1 connection stud so that should be gray, now should I just connect the ground, with 1 purple running to a hot ? Thanks for the help, My old motor would sure appreciate it, and of course , the sturgeon in the Fraser River are calling me and my Old Cresliner, called the "Tin Can"... Jim Whitley

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