Johnson j225txeta 1993

by Scubmanken
(Bradenton, FL)

Boat motor was running fine. I flushed engine with motor running and water muffs attached.
I mistakenly left the key in the on position and the batteries still on.
When out 4 days later to start the engine before taking it down to the local ramp for what was suppose to be a fun day on the water.
To my surprise I thought the worst thing would be my batteries are going to be dead as how I left the key on.
I went ahead and turned the key and the engine cranked with no problem. Great so I thought. Squeezed the bulb on gas line and gave the engine a crank to start. turned over fine but I could tell there was nothing indicating the plugs were firing. Gave a shot of starting fuel into the carbs just to check on the spark issue. Nothing.
I have checked all connections and plugs and can not find a thing wrong as to why I have not spark.
I replaced the CDI thinking maybe by leaving the power on it might of fried the CDI unit. That was a waist as it did not solve the problem. I am debating on replacing the Stator next as I am completely at my wits end as to why and what happened by just leaving the key and batteries on for a few days.
I have tried disconnecting the black with yellow stripe cut off wire and nothing.
I checked voltage at the ignition wire and it was only registering 49 A/C volts while cranking.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could be the problem?

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