Johnson 90hp J90TSLECM 1998

by Jerry Wands
(Cave Creek, Az USA)

Starts and runs great when cold. After stopping and fishing for a bit it will not easily start. Acts like it is running out of fuel. Replaced all fuel lines from tank to motor and under cowl. replaced plugs, wires, power pack. Rebuilt carbs and fuel pump. Did not change it at all. Did a cold compression test and when I went to start to warn up for hot compression test, started with no priming, idled perfect. Did compression test after warming up. Let set for 20 minutes. Started right up no issues. Let set again and went right back to hard start, no idle and acting like it was out of fuel. If I prime a bit after starting warm I can get it to idle enough to take off. Even warm, it will idle in gear for hours and not miss a beat, as long as I do not shut it off and let it set for a few minutes. What the heck is going on. Compression test was 105, 115, 114, and 115.

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