Johnson 60 hp 1989 overheating alarm

by Goran Agren
(Stockholm, Sweden)

we have a 60 hp Johnson outboard motor from 1989 with VRO2 pump. The engine has alarms for low oil, no oil and overheating. Now and then the overheating alarm kicks in and has been doing so for years. The garage didnt find any problem with the engine but recommended us to remove the thermostate. So we have been running the enginge with maximum cooling for a couple of years and I am now pretty sure its not overheating - just turning on the alarm. Last week I removed the sensor cable form the oil tank (since I read on internet that someone else did this) and now the overheating alarm is quiet - also when water skiing. Can anyone verify that this is a good solution to the problem and why this is working at all? Its really strange... //Goran

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