Johnson 50HP, AJ50TLENJ

by Vidar Vidnes
(Norway, Grimstad)



My problem in short form, it wont start!

Just bought the boat, a Bella 490R, with a Johnson 50HP. The engine started just fine without hesitation the 3-4 first times using it, But then it where runing for 5-6 minutes befor it stopped. No
Warning beeps/codes where given except that some times when i turned on the ignition i get a constat beep. Turning key off and on again silences it. Since then it have not started at all.

Its cranking but no indication that it will start.

There is good spark on the plug

There where some issues with the fuel hose. Replaced to be shure. The gass do get trough and the plug is wet. Noticed though that fuel filter where mounted wrong direction. Gas get trough still, and the engine was working a few days ago after all.

This engine has separate external oil reservoar. There is a hose with hand pump that goes to the engine. Noticed one thing, the pump is so hard that it is not possible to press it down indicating high pressure . I dont know but thought it was a little strange.

If you have had similar experiences or have other tip for fault finding it will be much appreciated.

Vidar.vidnes @

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