Johnson, 225 ocean runner, j225txerm, 1994


Hi everyone,, Just have a quick question should the auto prime shut off after engine is running or is there a pressure switch that turns it off and on when needed or should it run constantly? I was trolling this weekend and it was flooding the carbs and gas was leaking out of the cowling. All fuel lines are tight and not leaking and the motor was running fine at idle. I unplugged the auto primer and the gas stopped dripping out and the motor continued to run fine at idle. After trolling when getting up to around 2800 rpm it started dropping in rpm like it was starved for gas. I stopped plugged it back in and it ran fine again. I just has the powerhead rebuilt and have around 50 hrs on it and it runs great otherwise. I just changed the water separator/filter before this trip out. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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